Kamilla Blaesbjerg

Digital Art Director - Playground


Web Design / Campaign


I was head Art Director on Nike Women from 2004 to 2008 during my time at FRAMFAB (now Digitas LBI). Rhiannon Davis, my partner in crime and a copy magician, and me where creatively responsible for development of Nike Women digital awareness and campaign, globally.

Nike Women had a bold presence and we did over 25 campaigns where the biggest was dance. Nike wanted to make dance a sport. We took dance and turned it into something everyone could learn and enjoy. The Nike Women productions where available online, and the classes were developed into gym classes, so you could take a Nike Dance class in your local gym. All dance moves and routines where created by Jamie King – a brilliant dance chorographer who worked with many

big names on the music scene. Se more at jamiekingofficial.com.
The women target group was wide – women age 15-35 – so we covered all sorts of training for all kinds of women. The goal was always to inspire and motivate. This is the yoga piece with the lovely French Clara. The programme was downloadable and was included audio music and guided tracks.

Kamilla Blaesbjerg 2017